Les Rues de Bombay 3 : Utilitaires

Une vieille blague française consiste à dire "pas plus haut que le bord" quand on remplit quelque chose. Autant dire que cette phrase n'a aucun sens à Bombay. Logique implacable. Tant qu'il y a de la place, on en met. Tant qu'il y a de l'espace, on le comble. Et si ça dépasse… Ça dépasse.
Je crois que l'observation du trafic dans une ville est de loin l'une de mes activités favorites, avec un petit penchant tout particulier pour les véhicules utilitaires…

Sky's the limit, like they say. I think this is the most reliable description one can find about the use of utility vehicles in Bombay. Nothing surprising indeed. It is all absolutely logical. As long as some space is left, let's put something more. Loaded as it gets. Period. And if things outflank … Well, they outflank. And so what?
In a big city, observing the traffic, the drivers behaviors and the vehicles is one of my very favorite activity. And about vehicles, I tend to have a soft corner for the goods and passengers carriers…

Water Supply Truck

Rear View

Miranda Transport Water Tank

Goods Carrier

Comfortable Ride

Truck Tunning

Snake and Lemon

Autobus 1

Autobus 2

Cow Powered

Shahruk Khan Style

School Bus

Bajaj Tempo

Feet Powered
Air Conditioned?

Domino's Pizza Ride
(or, if your bike is pink, better wear a blue shirt)