Where I Belong

Again, it's all about Space & Time. It's a thing about where we belong. Most of the time we are not where we belong. We are just where we are. We do many things, we eat, we sleep, we work, we love. We live, basically. But we always keep trying to make things better. We're always looking for more work, more money, more love. More life. We're actually looking for where we belong. The place where everything is complete and perfect for us. But we're doing it clumsily. Work and money is not the most important thing. It can help but it can also cast away. It takes a while to understand what path to go. It took me forever to understand that my way was the light. And it took a curious mix of conscious decisions, instinctive behaviour and something we call luck to take me there. There are the woods. There is where I belong. And there She is. (and I think I'm understanding that I'm not even half way, it actually looks more like I've just reached a starting point)